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Everyday Green Home

Use healthier, greener products at home, easily (seriously).

You probably don't have the time, resources, or know-how to research and shop for better options for you & your world, that's why we've done it for you.

What You Need for A Safer, Healthier Home - Buy It Now

Upgrade to a Greener Home

9 simple, straightforward, low to no-cost ways to improve the health of your home & world, today.

Easy tips, resources, and products for a healthier home & planet

Worried the products and materials you bring in your home aren't good for you and your family?
Don’t have the time or know-how to easily find better choices and products?

Through easy tips, resources, and products, we help you improve and green your home as you maintain, repair, and replace. Being green is easier and more affordable than you think!

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research. As a matter of fact, Marla has personally used many of the products and tips she shares with you.

Everyday Green Home is about finding ways to incorporate eco-friendly products, features, and lifestyle habits that are more resource, water, and energy efficient, thereby creating a healthier, more efficient, and durable home.

That means less time working on your home and more time enjoying it.

Why Green?

Going green is good for both your health and that of your family. The benefits have been found to be physical and emotional. 

Ideas & Advice

Being green is about saving the planet and, in effect ourselves. Here's simple ways to start.

Who's Marla?

Marla is the Green Home Coach. She cares about the home products you use and is on a mission to make green easy.

Make your home greener easily

Having a green or greener home does not have to be hard or require sacrifice. Matter of fact, many of the green homes we’ve worked with are beautiful, comfortable and don’t have to cost more than a “traditional” built, remodeled or upgraded home. Just making a different choice – in an appliance or plumbing or lighting fixtures or even paint, can set you on the course to a home that is part of the solution. And a home that works better for you.

An Everyday Green Home is about much more than just energy and cost savings. It is about your daily life, your family’s health and safety, comfort, style and ease.

To “go green” can be intimidating. Where to start? The most frequently remodeled, redecorated, rehabbed rooms of our homes are the kitchen and bathrooms. These same 2 rooms also use the most water, energy, resources and chemicals. Finding just a few things to do in the kitchen and/or bathroom can have a significant impact.

We recommend beginning with the thing that is affecting your own comfort right now. Drippy faucet? Replace it with one that is stylish, convenient (hello spray-head and touch sensor) AND conserves water. Improving the health of your home and world is about the systems that make up your home and we have the resources to help you get the most out of these systems. Everyday Green Home will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking about your house.

Everything you need to create a stylish, safer & healthier home... Easily.