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Home Water Audit & Bathroom Kit | Faucet Aerator & Flow Bag, Toilet Dye Tablets Low Flush Displacement Bag Price: $8.99 (as of 06/07/2019 08:06 PST- Details)

Find how much water you are using | flow gauge bag
Detect silent leaks in Toilet
Saves costly plumbing repairs



24 page Full Color Home Water Audit Kit booklet – your complete guide to home water conservation. Easy step-by-step procedures for how to find and fix leaks, measure shower and faucet waft rates, and over 50 how you can save water, save energy, and save money in and around your home. Full color improved and up to date information, 24 page book for doing a home water audit. Find how much water you use, figure costs and calculate savings. Indoor and outdoor water saving opportunities. Cut water waste by half! ————— Shower/Faucet waft measuring bag – test your shower heads and sinks for maximum waft efficiency. Simple step-by-step instructions printed right on the bag. ————– 2 packs of 2 leak detecting tablets. Simply drop tablet in tank and know in a couple of moments if a repair must be made. ————– The 24 page home water audit kit booklet, full color cover with tips and hints about water saving. ————– FlushLess: Simply fill bag with water, hang in toilet tank and start saving up to 2 1/2 quarts with every flush. Save water and save money. Easy to use with instructions printed directly on bag. Non-corrosive, heavy duty pinhole free PVC construction. Valve is self sealing and anti-evaporative. Low cost, user friendly and maintenance free water saving device. ————– 1.0 gpm bathroom faucet aerator: Multiple laminar stream produces a miniature shower pattern to provide full coverage of the hands at the same time as washing. Pressure compensating for an even and consistent waft with a variety of force. ————– Water Mark: Save your place! The Water Mark Bookmark with quotes & water saving tips. Love to Read.” Fun, fresh Groovy bookmark will will let you stay on pace with the latest bestseller and reading assignment.” Learn about saving water at the same time as relaxing with a favorite book. ————– Magnet Top Water Saving tips to keep in and around the home. Water Saving Tips at a glance, Simple and effective.
Find how much water you are the use of | waft gauge bag
Detect silent leaks in Toilet
Saves costly plumbing repairs
1.0 gpm Bathroom Faucet Aerator
Toilet Displacement bag | Low Flush Bank

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